A joint meeting of all RRI partners GH Bernardin, Portorož, 29.09.2016

Within the framework of the ICM & T 2016 international conference, a joint meeting of all partners of the MARTINA RRI program was held, which took place on 29.9.2016 at GH Bernardin in Portorož.
The main purpose of the meeting was to acquaint all partners of the MARTINA program with the presentation of research and development projects (RRP). The leader of the program, Matjaž Godec, had an introductory address and presentation of the program from the viewpoint of a comprehensive content story, ideas and a common goal. He also presented the volume of co-financing and the required private resources. The RRP leaders then presented research and development projects from RRP1 to RRP6. Information on the management of the program and its implementation was followed by Tomaž Vidonja, Eurocon. In the end, it was reserved for questions, answers, ideas and suggestions for quite some time.

Project partners

The consortium has 16 partners