Assembly of all RRI partners Portorož, GH Bernardin, October , 19.10.2017

Each year, IMT organizes an international conference on materials and technologies, traditionally this year in GH Bernardin in Portorož from 16th to 19th October 2017 and is already 25 in a row.
At the International Conference of Materials and Technology (ICM & T), on the 25th ICM & T, scientists from institutes and universities meet with experts from the industry in the fields of metal materials, inorganic and polymeric materials and nanomaterials, with the desire to transfer knowledge from basic to applied science with high added value. The purpose of the conference is also an open dialogue between industry and its needs and the research sphere.

This event will be used this year for a joint meeting of all 16-consortium partners of the national program MARTINA. The meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2017, also in GH Bernardin in Portorož, from 9am to 12pm. This year's main content of the meeting will be RRP6 Prototype Development. In the framework of this meeting, the MARTINA Program Assembly is also foreseen.

The RRP6 is the only project of the six projects designed for experimental development and includes as the main activity the preparation and development of prototypes, and their analysis and testing in controlled environments in the main areas of the program resulting from the activities of industrial research in RDP1 to RDP5. The main objectives of the RDP6 are also:

•    Prototype of new materials in the field of tool steels
•    Prototype of new material in the field of high-strength steels
•    Prototype of new material in the field of aluminum alloys
•    Prototype of the final semi-finished product of a multicomponent material composition
•    Prototype magnetic ring made of duroplast with new features
•    Prototype tool for working with plastics from new steel according to AM / 3D printing.

The goal of the workshop is to proactively prepare for the RDP6, which will follow industrial research conducted under the RDP1 to RDP6. Thus, the program focuses on the usefulness of the results and the practical implementation of prototypes, which will be crucial in the subsequent transfer of technologies and products to the market. The workshop will be led by Mr. Tomaž Savšek from TPV.

In addition, within the framework of the MARTINA meeting and within the ICM & T conference, a 3D printing section will also be held, with one invited lecture by Lucy Greinger from Renishaw from Great Britain and three domestic lectures.

Project partners

The consortium has 16 partners