MAteRials and TechnoIogies for New Applications
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The interdisciplinary idea of the program

 Existing materials and manufacturing technologies, individually and in combination, do not satisfy the growing needs of society and thereby limit the development of new applications by tightening the requirements. The program is based on the development of new, advanced multi-functional materials and manufacturing technologies for engineering components. For the development and subsequent manufacturing of the advanced materials, complex manufacturing processes and forming are required, which sets new requirements for tools and, consequently, tool steels. An activity that connects the entire program and the goals of the individual RDPs is the development of a new tool steel and a study of the possibility of using new technologies for manufacturing innovative tools.
The strategic idea of the program is to permanently integrate research, development and innovation in three areas, namely, materials, tools and technologies for the production and processing of materials and their interactions (Figure 1). This way of thinking and working will lead to sustainable and comprehensive solutions.

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Advanced tool steels for innovative tools of new generation


New high strength steels for automotive industry


Advanced aluminium alloys for automotive industry with improved properties


Multicomponent materials, thermoset and thermoplastic composites


AM, 3D printing and innovative materials manufacturing technologies for end use


Development of prototypes

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