Workshop with accountants IMT, Ljubljana, 26.10.2016

A workshop was held with accountants who took place on IMT on October 26, 2016 from 10 am to 12 pm.
The meeting was intended primarily to familiarize the professional staff responsible for administering the program on prescribed forms and reporting methods for the MARTINA program. The meeting was led by Tomaž Vidonja - Eurocon, who first presented the participants with the program MARTINA, both in terms of content and financial aspects. Then information on management, organization, reporting, communication, information and dissemination of the program was followed. The participants also discussed the monitoring of finances. The emphasis was also on the eligible costs of the program, supporting documents and outsourcers and the advance requested by the four partners. After the introductory part, there were questions and answers or a discussion on the topic of reporting. The questions most often touched upon their own co-financing, labor costs, eligible costs, and the like. The workshop presented the forms used by the partners for financial and other accounts.

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